Mountain State Analytics LLC

About Our Company

Mountain State Analytics, LLC is a West Virginia based fee only, independent Investment Advisory Firm. We specialize in creating and managing customized, balanced portfolios for individuals and smaller institutions. Our approach centers upon dividend and interest income production. Individual equity securities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Closed-End Funds (CEFs) are the primary vehicles utilized. Our proprietary research techniques serve as the basis for the creation of diversified investment portfolios, having approximately 40-50 different individual holdings. Mountain State Analytics, LLC also provides financial planning services and associated written recommendations on an hourly fee basis.

Mountain State Analytics, LLC acts as a fee only Investment Advisor, and is not a custodian of client assets, nor a Broker/Dealer. The firm is owned by its Chief Investment Officer, Michael DeProspero, CFA, its Investment Officer, Hattie Hutson, and it's Investment Research Officer, Breanne Coffey.

Feel free to contact us at (910)-639-4459 or (304)-266-8776 with any questions or inquiry you might have regarding your needs and the firm's services.

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